Laura Lewis

Administrator, CDP, CADC II
(360) 314-6507 xt. 1

Laura got her start as a chemical dependency counselor at Skagit Recovery Center in Mount Vernon, WA in 1997. However, the last 17 of her 20 years in the field have been spent serving Clark County, WA. Passionate about recovery, she opened Affinity in 2008 to expand on the area’s much-needed addiction and behavioral health services. 

Andrew Lindsell

(360) 314-6507 xt. 0

Drew began his counseling career in 1992 after receiving his Certificate of Proficiency in Chemical Dependency Counseling at Centralia College. He obtained his degree in psychology in 2001 at City University and began his Mental Health Counseling career shortly after in 2002, becoming licensed in 2008. Drew, along with Laura, opened Anchor Point Counseling in 2007, and eventually took full ownership when Laura left to open Affinity. His passion is helping those with co-occuring disorders, with a focus on mindful mood management skills. Drew promotes compassion, love, and kindness, which is reflected both in his personal and professional life.  


Matt Wadzita

(360) 314-6507 xt. 5

Matt obtained his bachelor's degree from Washington State University in 2014 where he majored in psychology and minored in addiction studies. He is currently working toward his Master of Science in Mental Health to become a LMHC. His passion for helping people in recovery started after losing friends to the disease of addiction. Matt's focus is on Neuroscience, psychopharmacology, and communication. 

Olivia Lovely

(360) 314-6507 xt. 2

Olivia runs Generations Counseling down the hall from Affinity, with her main area of focus being domestic violence and anger management counseling. Generations and Affinity work together with co-occurring patients to provide all-around service to those with a dual diagnosis. With 27 years in the field, Olivia has been an excellent resource and partner to ACT.


Mary Graham

(360) 314-6507 xt. 4

Caleb Merryman

(360) 314-6507 xt. 6
Mary is currently working toward her degree in addiction at Clackamas Community College to become a licensed CDP. Mary's passion for helping others achieve fulfillment in sobriety stems from her own experience with overcoming the disease of addiction. On top of school and her career training, Mary runs a sober living facility in Oregon and speaks at behavioral health forums around the Pacific Northwest. 

Caleb received his Bachelor of Science from Western Washington University in 2017. New to the field, Caleb enjoys inspiring change in his patients, which he believes to be rewarding not only for them, but himself, as well. His areas of focus are Cognition, Neuroscience, and Abnormal Psychology, including domestic violence and stress management. 




Briana Self

Director of Marketing & Operations
(360) 314-6507 xt. 7
Briana worked for Affinity when it first got its start back in 2010. After a few years away, working in the sales and marketing field in various industries, she found her way back. Briana's main goal is to make sure A.C.T.  and the quality care it provides, is well-known throughout the community.

Jackie Barton

HR & Billing Specialist
(360) 314-6507 xt. 3

Jackie has been with Affinity since 2015 and has been a tremendous asset to the team from day one. Jackie's extensive knowledge of insurance billing makes her a great resource to clients who need help deciphering their behavioral health benefits. 


Sue Axon

Administrative Assistant
(360) 314-6507 xt. 0

Sue joined the ACT team in June of 2017 and has contributed greatly to front office operations and patient care coordination, as well as the overall morale of the office.





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