If you lost your job due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we will not suspend services to those who are actively seeking alternative solutions to fund their treatment; such as applying for Medicaid or a sliding scale. 

If you are an Oregon resident, or receive too much from Unemployment to qualify for WA State Medicaid, email the following to Briana at briana.self@affinitycounseling.net to apply for a sliding scale: 

1) Unemployment award letter (must show weekly allowance); or most recent pay stub.

2) Most recent bank statement.
3) Documentation from any other source of income.
) Answer the following: 

 -What is your rent/mortgage payment? 

 -How many people do you support? (Spouse/children/foster children, or other legal dependents ONLY)
 -If applicable, what is your spouse's gross annual income?

To apply for Washington State Medicaid, go to www.wahealthplanfinder.org, or call


Please read below to find out which Medicaid plans we are in network with.


We offer a variety of payment options to best suit your pay dates, and most importantly, your budget. 

We also accept insurance and are in network with the following:  

If you have insurance other than those on the list above, don't worry! 

In many cases, we are able to bill as an out-of-network provider if behavioral health services are covered under your plan. 

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