A.C.T. offers state certified substance use and mental health evaluations and treatment programs in Washington State.


A.C.T. offers state-certified evaluations for the following:

  • DUI
  • Deferred Prosecution;
  • Self-referred;
  • Employer-referred; &
  • most other Washington State and/or out-of-state agency referrals.

Group and Individual Counseling

A.C.T offers a variety of group and individual counseling sessions, including:
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP);
  • Level 1.0 Outpatient;
  • Relapse Prevention;
  • Youth and Adolescent Assessments;
  • Gender-Specific Groups; 
  • Monthly Monitoring;
  • Mental Health Counseling

Alcohol & Drug Information School

The 8-hour Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS) satisfies the Washington State minimum requirement for a first time driving-related infraction. 
Participants must have a recommendation from a judge or Washington State-certified treatment agency to be eligible for registration.

Need ADIS?

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